Research Topics In Nursing 2022

Research Topics In Nursing 2022

In nursing, you may wonder why research is so important. It is our goal in this article to provide you with a comprehensive list of possible nursing research topics. In order to be a successful nurse, you must engage in research on a regular basis. One way to conduct research is to conduct an experiment or test a theory. This research is presented in the form of a report. Through research, students are able to put their nursing education to use.

Increasing the quality and quantity of your research is made possible by paying close attention to the steps involved in completing a task. The research process, from conception to execution, analysis, and dissemination, should be considered during your investigation.


Good techniques are needed when selecting a research topic. In order to do so the following are some considerations to make when determining nursing research topics:

  1. Look for a topic that reflects the most recent social or political developments. Don’t write about topics that don’t add anything new to the subject matter.
  2. Make sure the topics you choose are in line with your personal passions, academic specialization, and professional experience. When conducting your research, stay away from topics that are too simple.
  3. Choose a topic wisely, but don’t write about something that’s too difficult for you. You’ll be frustrated if you keep doing this.
  4. Maintain the integrity of your investigation. Create a new material for your nursing research by putting your creativity and knowledge to good use.
  5. Asking for help should never be a hesitation. It’s not an easy task to conduct research. It’s possible that you’ll need assistance from a coworker, professor, or other potential interviewee.

PICOT questions-nursing research

Clinical research relies heavily on research that is grounded in evidence. As part of your nursing assignments, you may be asked to come up with clinical questions. Clinical questions are formulated using the PICOT framework.


The PICOT must be addressed in order for a clinical question to be valid. Using PICOT as a guide, you can design your clinical questions in accordance with these sections:

  1. An individual or a group of people
  2. Intervention
  3. Comparison
  4. Outcome
  5. Time

These elements will assist you in developing a strong criminal research question for your evidence-based nursing research paper. The majority of your nursing research must adhere to this structure. There are a few PICOT nursing research questions that are worth exploring:

  1. The link between esophageal cancer and drug abuse (including alcohol and tobacco)
  2. Interventions for children with MRSA
  3. Second and third-time mothers who deliver premature babies are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression than their first-time mothers.
  4. Are long-term chemotherapies putting teenagers at greater risk of cardiovascular disease?
  5. Is it better to have an annual mammogram or one every three years to catch breast cancer in its early stages in women under the age of 50?
  6. If you combine a colonoscopy with a blood test, can you detect colon cancer more accurately?
  7. Is daily monitoring of blood pressure better at identifying the causes of hypertension in men over 65 years of age?
  8. Does the use of oral contraceptives increase the risk of blood clots in women between the ages of 25 and 40?
  9. What is the effect on depression in college students if a supportive male college student opens up about sexual harassment?
  10. Is it true that breastfeeding infants have a lower risk of illness as they grow and mature?
  11. Is the use of peer-to-peer intervention programs effective in reducing the number of teenage suicides in urban areas?
  12. Antidepressant use among women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant may have an impact on maternal health.
  13. Is Nasogastric superior to Nasoenteric in any way?
  14. What is the best way to ensure that children between the ages of 2 and 3 are getting enough oxygen?
  15. Psychiatric patients may benefit from group therapy in terms of their ability to converse.
  16. Zinc pills or vitamin C are better for middle-aged women when it comes to preventing colds.
  17. Is esophageal cancer more common in non-smoking adults than in smokers?
  18. Is medical intervention the best way to treat childhood obesity in school-age children?
  19. Is there a link between frequent handwashing and lower infection rates in children and adults?
  20. Morphine or fentanyl: which is better for treating pain in adults over the age of 50?
  21. Do oral contraceptives work well for women over the age of 30?
  22. Is the use of patient bedside reports by nurses an effective method of patient care?


Topics for nursing research in childcare and pediatrics

Taking care of an infant, child, or adolescent is what pediatric nursing entails. Pediatrists have a tough job. Prior to beginning the writing process, it is wise to conduct some preliminary research on the subject matter. Here are a few ideas for pediatric nursing research papers;

  1. Obesity treatment for children
  2. Asthma in children: how to detect, treat, and track symptoms


  1. Child growth and development are affected by early childhood stressors.


  1. Leukemia treatment for children with acute


  1. Children’s common cold treatment options


  1. Caring for a baby too soon
  1. Preventing and immunizing children against meningitis


  1. Pediatric ADD/ADHD treatment and monitoring


  1. Autism symptoms and diagnosis in children


  1. Meditation can have positive effects on autistic children.


  1. Prevention and treatment of nutritional deficiencies in children


  1. Obsessive-compulsive disorder in children: causes and prevention in epidemiology
  1. Type 1 diabetes in children is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.


  1. Management of children with renal disease through nursing interventions and care.


  1. Research into the life expectancy of children and the most common causes of death


  1. Statistics on the prognosis and treatment of children with cancer


  1. Effects of eating disorders in children on their growth and well-being


  1. In children with anorexia, there is a distinct pattern of brain activity.


  1. HHV6 symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment are all covered here.


  1. Tourette syndrome: what causes it and how can it be treated?


  1. Helping new mothers care for their newborns


  1. Vaccinations for children
  1. renal insufficiency: nursing care and treatment


  1. Children’s cardiovascular disease


  1. For hypoplastic left heart syndrome, treatment options exist


  1. Increasing public understanding of childhood hyperactivity disorder


  1. Radiation therapy can have detrimental effects on children, according to a study.


  1. Heart disease can be traced back to a person’s early life exposures.


  1. The use of stem cell technology in the treatment of children
  1. Treatment for infants with movement disorders
  1. Taking care of children and adolescents


Nursing research topics in the field of geriatrics

Research in geriatrics is concerned with medical advancements in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of physiological disorders associated with old age. Elderly patients, their families, caregivers, and members of the community can all benefit from the support of nurses in promoting healthy aging. Aging and geriatrics share several common interests;


  1. Eye care for the elderly


  1. Predictive machine learning can be used to detect and assess dementia in older adults.


  1. Older people’s mental health disorders that are all too common


  1. Improving surgical care for the elderly


  1. Depression in old age: causes and treatment options


  1. Care options for elderly patients with hip fractures


  1. Managing pain in the elderly


  1. Healthy aging includes a nutritious diet for the elderly.


  1. Malnutrition in the elderly can lead to a variety of health problems.


  1. The immune system’s response to aging: progress and obstacles


  1. Assessing the ability of the elderly to perform physical tasks.


  1. Taking care of elderly patients with long-term health conditions can be emotionally challenging.


  1. Difficulties in diagnosing, treating, and managing delirium in the elderly


  1. Using physical restraints on elderly patients raises questions of morality.


  1. Drug and alcohol abuse among the elderly


  1. Perioperative nursing care for the elderly


  1. Managing diabetes in the elderly


  1. Dental hygiene practices for the elderly


  1. Is older adults’ chest pain a sign of a chronic disease?


  1. Measures to keep an eye on the elderly’s blood pressure.


  1. UTIs in the elderly: prevention, treatment, and risk factors.

Topics for nursing research in intensive care

One of the most important facets of patient care in the medical field is the practice of critical care nursing. Students in critical care nursing must write a dissertation for their studies. Critical care nursing dissertation topics include the following:

  1. Do intensive and critical care in healthcare serve any purpose?


  1. Clinical management uses a variety of methods and techniques on patients.


  1. Patients and critical caregivers often find it difficult to communicate effectively.


  1. Telemedicine’s role in primary health care


  1. Pain management strategies for both chronic and acute patients


  1. AIDS is currently a hot-button topic.


  1. For critical care nurses, determining the most common causes of burnout


  1. Intensive care unit nurses’ views on the possibility of allowing visitors


  1. Setting standards of professional conduct in intensive care units.


  1. Healthcare systems around the world, both private and public, are compared


  1. Nurses’ experiences with critically ill patients were evaluated.


  1. Nurses face a difficult decision: should they be allowed to prescribe medications in critical care?


  1. For patients who are critically ill, are alarms necessary?


  1. Strategies to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (UTIs) instead of preventing them


  1. Models of critical care settings conceptualized


  1. Intensive care unit nurse safety training


Nursing research in the area of evidence-based practice

In nursing research, evidence-based practice (EBP) is the practice of collecting, disseminating, and implementing clinical research discoveries to improve the clinical environment, clinical practice, and patient outcomes. The following are some major EBP nursing research topics to consider:


  1. The registered nurse’s (RN) role in the sedation of obstetric patients using catheter methods


  1. RN anesthetic drug administration


  1. Patients with heart failure can reap the benefits of aerobic exercise.


  1. Cardiovascular events and fat consumption are linked.


  1. Patients with high blood pressure can benefit from essential oils.


  1. A healthcare facility’s ability to identify stigmatization of mental health patients


  1. Improve the nursing experience through the development and deployment of nurse-friendly digital equipment


  1. How can we help a family dealing with the death of a loved one?


  1. Antibiotic and acid-reducing medication studies to see if they raise recurrence risks among the senior population


  1. Support and guidance for mothers who are experiencing difficulties with their children


  1. Acknowledging the existence of health disparities within the queer community


  1. Yes, red meat consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


  1. Nurses’ ineffectiveness in treating patients’ opioid dependence


  1. When dealing with patients who are in excruciating pain, nurses experience a sense of helplessness.


  1. Minority (Black and Hispanic) health promotion areas in religious buildings


  1. An investigation into the link between sedentary behavior and depression in the elderly.


Topics for qualitative and quantitative research in nursing


Patients and health care providers are the focus of qualitative nursing research. Individuals’ experiences are not reduced to statistics through this method of research.


Qualitative research can be conducted in four different ways.


  • Narrative investigation This is a method for conducting research that relies on the personal experiences of your subjects.


  • Validated hypothesis. For this type of research, it considers the social processes that affect an individual’s life


  • The goal of this type of study is to provide a first-person account of a phenomenon.


  • Individuals can see their own cultural ancestry using this design technique. It provides an insider’s view of a particular culture.


Qualitative nursing research includes the following topics:


  1. In the digital age, the future of nursing is uncertain.


  1. Treatment of the homeless: ethical considerations


  1. techniques and challenges of remote intensive care..


  1. Care that is inclusive of all people


  1. Inmates with mental health issues


  1. Does e-health have a positive impact on patient outcomes?


  1. Various techniques for dealing with physical injury


  1. Risks to patient safety due to a variety of variables


Statistical methods, mathematical and computational modeling, and the use of objective measurements are employed in quantitative nursing research methods to enable an empiric and systematic investigation. The following are a few ideas for quantitative nursing studies:


  1. What are the advantages of a well-balanced diet in terms of health?


  1. Nursing home care vs. home care: a comparison


  1. Suicidal and self-harm patients’ averages can be estimated statistically.


  1. Is it the job of every nurse to educate patients on how to take care of themselves?


  1. What are the nurses’ rights when it comes to dealing with abusive patients?


  1. An investigation into the health-care-cost balance


  1. Is it appropriate to use medicine to alleviate symptoms of information overload?


  1. Pet therapy: Does it work?


  1. Nurses and their practices around the world are compared


  1. Massage therapy’s efficacy is examined.


  1. The number of children in your country who have not been vaccinated.


Controversial topics in the field of nursing


Nurses play an important role in the healthcare industry. There are some setbacks and controversy, but the job is worth it in the long run. Here, we’ll look at some contentious issues in the field of nursing:


  1. Hydration and nutrition via artificial means: comfort rather than life-saving treatment


  1. Advocacy that is both aggressive and self-serving.


  1. Ethics of dealing with patients who don’t complain


  1. Anti-vaccine dilemmas in dealing with childhood immunizations


  1. Is there enough money going to nurses in terms of pay and benefits?


  1. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and occupation.


  1. Do nurses who work long shifts have a negative impact on patient care?


  1. Staffing shortages in hospitals can have negative consequences.


  1. Occupational health and safety in the nursing profession


  1. Occupational violence in healthcare environments


  1. Patients’ intimate needs are met by male nurses.


  1. addressing nurses’ emotional well-being


  1. Injuries to nurses’ mental health


  1. Efforts to help those affected by the opioid epidemic


Topics in mental health nursing are available for research.

In recent years, there have been a sudden increase in public awareness of mental health issues. Nursing research on mental health issues would be a good place to start. When writing about these subjects, keep up-to-date and relevant information in mind, as well as be mindful of your audience:


  1. Borderline personality disorder: signs, causes, and methods of treatment


  1. What are the most common sources of stress for police officers?


  1. Hospital emergency protocols for patients who are suicidal or self-harming


  1. What impact do video games have on one’s mental well-being?


  1. In dealing with patients with mental health issues, there are emotional hurdles to overcome.


  1. When it comes to treating depression and stress, does aromatherapy have any effect?


  1. Nursing ethics in the care of patients with mental illness


  1. An investigation into the role of nurses in the treatment of mental health issues


  1. Military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder


  1. Physical trauma recovery techniques


  1. Psychogenic movement disorders can be diagnosed using a variety of methods.


  1. Does genetic predisposition play a role in the development of mental health issues?


  1. Young adults’ mental health may be affected by their use of social media.


  1. Diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia


  1. Diagnoses and treatments for sleep disorders


  1. Is alcoholism a sign of severe stress or depression?


Health concerns/topics for women


Women are more likely than men to have health problems. When it comes to women’s healthcare, there’s a lot of topics to choose from:


  1. Weight gain caused by an imbalance of hormones


  1. Is breast cancer screening beneficial in detecting and treating the disease in its earliest stages?


  1. Is it true that the menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis?


  1. Preventive measures that work.


  1. Violence victims can be helped by nursing techniques and methods.


  1. Ovarian disease prevention and treatment methods


  1. An examination of issues relating to female sexual health


  1. Obstetrical and gynecological ethics


  1. Modern neonatal practices explained in plain language


  1. Is premenstrual syndrome harmful to an individual’s physical and mental well-being?


  1. Do women’s sleep problems portend more serious health issues?


Ideas/Topics for obstetric nursing research

Obstetrics is concerned with labor and delivery during childbirth. The following are some good nursing research topics in the field of obstetrics:


  1. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to have an elective labor induction?


  1. Risk factors for preterm labor should be assessed.


  1. Pregnancy-related and postpartum mental health issues


  1. reducing risky behaviors while pregnant


  1. What contributes to an increase in newborn mortality?


  1. What precautions should be taken in the event of an unanticipated caesarian section?


  1. An investigation of the efficacy of childbirth


  1. Obstacles to gaining weight during pregnancy


  1. Postpartum depression can be alleviated in various ways.


  1. Premature delivery risk factors are evaluated.


  1. Pregnancy-related risk assessment for obese women


  1. A woman’s chances of having her pregnancy terminated.


  1. Monitoring and testing of the fetus during pregnancy


  1. Pregnancy and the postpartum period.


  1. Management of emotional and physical changes during pregnancy


Nursing research topics for students in primary healthcare

Primary healthcare refers to the first point of contact you have when you have a minor health problem or illness. Primary healthcare nursing research topics include the following:


  1. Financing options for the healthcare industry


  1. Rural areas can benefit from vaccine program innovation.


  1. Primary healthcare data collection ethics


  1. In the ER, there are medical mysteries (ER)


  1. Methods for assessing the quality of medical care


  1. In-home care for patients has both advantages and disadvantages.


  1. What are the primary responsibilities of school nurses?


  1. In what ways is nurse classification beneficial?


  1. Incorporating childcare services into primary healthcare: advantages and disadvantages


Topics for nursing papers in health care administration


  1. What are the most important rules for marijuana use?


  1. Medicare has both advantages and disadvantages.


  1. An investigation into the prevalence of gender bias in healthcare


  1. What is the primary function of human resources departments in healthcare facilities???


  1. Do asylums in the United States provide high-quality medical care?


  1. It is possible for someone who is currently practicing nursing to transition into the field of medicine.


  1. Is social media capable of encouraging people to lead a healthier life?


  1. Experts in the healthcare field are assessing management values.


  1. An examination of the limitations of health care contracts


  1. Is there a lack of male healthcare workers?


  1. Code of conduct for nurses’ uniforms


  1. Smoking cessation difficulties are examined in this research.


  1. How to open a medical practice on your own


  1. School-based sex education programs are evaluated.


  1. Is there a variety of ways to encourage young people to have a positive body image?


  1. Do patients who do not speak English pose any legal issues?


  1. Is it possible to reduce the risk of cancer caused by a poor diet?


Topics for nursing research papers on pain management


  1. A study of the phenomenon of phantom pain


  1. Injection-related innovation


  1. Techniques for treating children’s abdominal pain


  1. Pain limit analysis and evaluation


  1. Protocols for treating a headache


  1. The impact of opioids on bone healing


  1. Opioids are used to treat Rheumatoid arthritis.


  1. Case study: How to Treat a Migraine Successfully


What are some of the most common research questions in the field of nursing?


  1. Does pain result from changes in the brain caused by dementia?


  1. What are the newest and most eco-friendly operating room innovations and techniques?


  1. How can a patient’s outcomes be improved by using digitized nursing health records?


  1. When cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy and radiation, how can they avoid developing cachexia?


  1. Are cancer patients who have lymphedema helped by yoga therapy?


  1. Psychiatric ward design and aggressive behavior may be linked.


To summarize


Nursing is an important aspect of the healthcare industry. Nursing students need to conduct research to improve patient outcomes. To achieve the desired results, research can be carried out in a variety of ways. We discussed a variety of nursing research topics in this article. Take on the challenge and write a paper on any of these topics. Remember to maintain objectivity, clarity, and creativity throughout your research paper.


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